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Helping grow compassionate, resilient and effective leaders, communities and stewards of the natural world through spirited exploration and connection.

At Adventure In Adventure Out, we operate with the understanding that people thrive in environments where they feel connected. Connection offers us a sense of belonging, resiliency and contribution to something larger than ourselves. We believe that exploration is the modality by which we discover and enrich our connections to ourselves, our communities, and the natural world. It is through this process of discovery that we find purpose and the inspiration to take action as a leader, affecting positive change in our lives and communities. Adventure in Adventure Out is dedicated to providing our participants with exciting, meaningful opportunities that support this exploration and the development of compassionate, resilient and effective leaders and communities.


Go inside ‘The Bunker’ underneath the Holyoke Range

Ever since I heard about the bunker beneath Bare Mountain in the Holyoke Range I’ve been intensely curious about it; my imagination has filled in the gaps and holes carved out back in the 1950s. Imagine my excitement… Read More

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Suggested Reading: “Reading the Forested Landscape” by Tom Wessels

A couple of years ago while browsing in my local bookstore, Broadside Bookshop, I came across Reading the Forested Landscape by¬†Antioch University New England faculty-member Tom Wessels. Intrigued by its concept, and always eager to add to my… Read More

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It’s been my observation that the folks who are drawn to outdoor adventure and education also desire to understand more deeply the world in which we play and live. I know that’s the case for me! Thus, I… Read More

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